T&B Car Wash, Lube & Detail Center

First Detail Shop in New Jersey

T&B Car Wash has been in the business since 1968. The staff is like family - most of our employees have grown up in the car wash business or have been here at T&B for 10 or more years. We offer automatic tunnel wash through 120 feet tunnel with brand new conveyer system. Typical wash includes vacuuming all carpets and trunk in your vehicle. We also offer hand wash services for classic cars, motorcycles, RV's, and boats.

Our specialty service would be our detail shop. Detailing is a complete cleaning and protection for all car. You leave your car here for 4 hours, we will hand wash, hand wax, and also hand polish complete vehicle including all chrome parts. As an option, we offer full menu of other services such as Presidential Service, which is mini-detail that takes 20 minutes and includes interior cleaning and application of exterior waxing by hand. Our newest service is our Full Service Oil change, which includes not only oil change using the best synthetic oils, but also provide full Manufacturer Recommended Service depending on the accumulated milage on your vehicle.
Every oil change includes a complementary car wash.


Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority

We sell prepaid monthly, quarterly and yearly packages with unlimited number of washes for all styles car wash services!


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I have purchased their top of the car wash line PRESIDENTIAL service this morning with a discount of $5. The service included special waxing, which workers applied and polished by hand. My car was pretty dirty inside and required additional vacuuming, which they did at my request without any arguments. They also offered dash-board shine and air freshener as free additional options. I chose the dash board shine. The car came out excellent, clean and shiny. They even offered dashboard shine and air freshener without any additional payment. The lead girl was very cordial and even kept the door for me while I was getting into the car. I liked T&B Car Wash service and would recommend it to my friends.


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